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zombie nation bizness

2/22/05 10:16 am

every day we ponder our existance, yet some give it not a single thought.
why is it that mankind has become blind and oblivious to its own demise?

we should wake up to our true nature, return to our source.
with these realizations, one has incredible force.

we like to share our thoughts, after all we are all one.
we like to speak our mine here on the boards

we hope to see you soon, better late than never.
we use this internet as a tool, a communications lever.

2/18/05 06:53 pm - hope

is there any hope
that we can cope
with the mistakes
and the high stakes ?

is there anything left
for us to look forward to
is there not one ounce of regret
for all the things we've taken for granted?

will we survive long enough
to spread our seed among stars ?

will we ever consider using
alternative fuel for our cars ?

will we ever reclaim
our heavenly name ?

we will ever make it our goal
to connect back with our soul ?

will our votes ever really count ?

can we forgive and not kill
and repsect our free will ?

hope becomes despair
when things don't seem fair

smoke is in the air
but the fire is well hidden

trust is scarcely used
and when it is, its usually abused.

but even though the worst seems inevitable
you have to remember that we are incredible
and incredibly fragile as well.

it'd be such a shame
to erase our name
from the earth plane
over a political game.

even though the darkness seems to cloud the sky
we can be rest assured, that all's well in god's eye.
it may seem that the forces are misaligned
but thats just an illusion, thanks to time.

by zonabi


why not stop by and speak your mind ?
you might learn a thing or two!

9/20/04 07:11 pm - maybe

a trap that isnt any more
is a sky that becomes a floor.

the energy that is in store
can create opportunity's door.

the bottle that washed to shore
contains a word, but is much more.

it is our destiny to explore
from the inside of earth's core
to the depths of space unseen before.

once in a lifetime
just at the right time
we are awakened to our true purpose.

our soul from inside
which usually seems to hide
expands far and wide.

it extends into the future
and retracts to the past.
this should make it clear
that souls are meant to last.

but what clouds our vision?
what distorts our memory??
why can't we remember our mission???
is it because of an enemy????

what makes an enemy ?
where do these labels come from ?
is it someone who opposed thee ?
or one who calls you dumb ?

what constructs an adversary,
other than your own mind ?

what deducts your preferences,
in the people of your own kind ?

notice all the labels
we place upon the tables
the imaginary fables
that render us unable
to maintain a stable
cooperative existance!

polarity causes seperations
in and between all of the nations.

duality reigns conflict
and allows them to inflict
judgement and pain.

if we can open our eyes
and slowly realize
that we are all one in the same
then maybe one day
in the future far away
we WILL have happy lives.

9/19/04 01:21 am - welcome to another cyberworld portal to zonabi

there's more to the world ...
... than meets the eye ...
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